October 18, 2014

stay productive
This week i’m sharing the ten things that have helped me to stay focused when sitting at the computer, going from Facebook to Twitter, to YouTube and then back to Facebook..


We’ve all been there. You know you’ve got lots of editing, writing, planning to do, and the deadlines are close. But┬ábefore you know it, the whole day is gone, and you’ve watched too many YouTube videos, and too many episodes on Netflix. Oh, and you’re outstanding tasks remain unfinished. So i’ve compiled a list of some fairly easy things you can do that will help you to avoid procrastination. They’re mostly simply choices that can make a big difference to your productivity but perhaps on a subconscious level!

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Click on the link above to visit todoist who offer a web-based todo list. You can organise them based on projects, and add a due date.


Click on the link above to visit the ‘StayFocusd’ browser app. Limit the amount of time you spend on social media or any other sites!

This is the ted talk I mentioned about making stress help you! Very worth watching.

Philip Bloom shares lots of great ideas about being a non-fiction storyteller as well as plenty of tips on staying productive and working with clients.


Simon Cade

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