Dealing with Clients in Filmmaking

October 25, 2014 By

dealing with clients
How can we avoid misunderstandings, and help to keep our clients happy? This week I’m sharing some principles that have helped me when working with clients. Read more →

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10 Ways to Stay Productive as a Filmmaker

October 18, 2014 By

stay productive
This week i’m sharing the ten things that have helped me to stay focused when sitting at the computer, going from Facebook to Twitter, to YouTube and then back to Facebook.. Read more →

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Does Gear Matter in Filmmaking?

October 11, 2014 By

does gear matter?
It seems that often there are two kinds of filmmaker: the purist story tellers who don’t care about equipment at all, and the gear obsessed pixel peepers who spend all their time researching cameras. What can gear do for us as filmmakers, and more importantly: What can’t it do?


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Three Light Cinematography

October 4, 2014 By

Lighting breakdowns are my favourite way to learn lighting.  You just can’t help but pickup lots of tips and techniques, and see how the different lights work together. This week we’ve got some more setups, but this time using three lights. Read more →

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