Why Filmmakers Should Shoot Music Videos

February 28, 2015 By

wfs shoot music videosblog
This week we’re looking at some reasons why music videos are a great opportunity for filmmakers, and then I’ll be sharing my tips on how to make good ones. Read more →

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Visual Storytelling in Filmmaking

February 22, 2015 By

visual storytelling

Film is a brilliant combination of written word, music, sound and pictures, so this week we’re looking at the ways we can tell a story visually, rather than always relying on dialogue to explain things. Read more →

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Filmmaking Progress: Part 3 – Storytelling?

February 14, 2015 By

filmmaking progress part 3 storytelling

This week we’re looking at my journey as a filmmaker, a time to reflect on the things I’ve learned over the last few months. Read more →

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Storytelling with Cinematography – Framing + Composition

February 7, 2015 By

cinematography storytelling
This week we’re looking at the deeper meaning behind cinematography choices, starting with framing and composition. Read more →

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What I Learned from Shane Hurlbut’s Illumination Experience

February 1, 2015 By

This week I’m going over what I learned from Shane Hurlbut’s Cinematography workshop, from advanced lighting ideas to general good practices and principles. Read more →

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