May 14, 2016

inspiring blog

Here are some things that have inspired me recently.


A video, a game, a podcast, a piece of music and a comic. These are some things that have inspired me recently and none of them are films.



4. GAME:



2. SONG:




Simon Cade

Filmmaker, and host of DSLRguide. Since I was making my first film age 11, I have always been fascinated by the way films are produced, and the effect it can have on the audience.

  • tylermadson

    Loved this post, Simon. I continually think that filmmakers should branch out and not live, breathe, eat, and sleep only film. It’s only in life and other art forms that people can find inspiration to tell a unique story. Plus, film is just so much richer when it is saturated with outside inspiration. That’s one of the things I love about you and your channel: you are inspired by life and the richness of it.

  • Miko

    This. I agree with this all the way.
    I’m not per se interested in live action film – my dream is to have my own animated family TV show. And inspiration strikes me from everywhere. I have bands I’m turning into characters, as well as unrelated artists like Banksy and Vincent Van Gogh which I want to let into my works. I let other shows inspire me, but I’ve been branching out.
    The more I learn about how art forms are so interconnected, the more I want to experience.