July 26, 2014

5000 subs special
This week we’re celebrating reaching an awesome milestone by showcasing the films of 5 winners. The idea with the competition is to give you guys the chance to get some feedback and encouragement on your work!

So this is it, time to announce the winners to the competition! I have to say that I was so impressed with all of the entries – there is so much talent out there! One of the main things I try to say on the show as much as possible, is that we all need to just get out there and make films. And this competition has shown me not only the talent that is already there, but the talent that is waiting to be unlocked (via determination, and years of practice!). Many of the entries were from filmmakers who are just starting out, and I have to say those ones is particular were very impressive.

Check out the main episode to hear why I chose each of the winning videos:

Here are the five winners to the competition, in no particular order!

I’d also like to take a moment to say thank-you to everyone who has watched any of my videos over the year and a half that this channel has been around. Your comments have been so encouraging, and as I said in the main video, have changed my ideas about the ‘typical youtube commenter’. I’m so grateful for all of your support, and I’m excited about where this channel will take us all! This whole thing is  pretty mind-blowing, but it has got me thinking. I’d really like to do some community based things, because so far it’s been a bit of a one-way conversation!  Not sure exactly how we’ll make this work, but if you have any ideas, please do let me know in the comments.

Simon Cade

Filmmaker, and host of DSLRguide. Since I was making my first film age 11, I have always been fascinated by the way films are produced, and the effect it can have on the audience.

  • Haans

    I have been following your blog and youtube videos on dslr filmmaking. Kudos. Please keep it up. My suggestion is to create a facebook page where any passion film maker can participate and post Q&A for the community. Just a thought.