Sandisk Extreme 16GB 45MB/s

sd card

Fast enough for DSLRs
Splitting footage between 16GB cards is good practice in case something goes wrong with one 

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 Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB 95MB/s

sdcard 3


Fast enough for 4K internal recording with GH4.
32GB holds around 40mins of footage

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Lanparte Portable Battery


Provides about 7 hours of battery life, don’t have to swap out batteries hourly on a shoot
Holds up pretty good after a year of use
Great value, much cheaper than other external batteries

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Spare Batteries



Much cheaper than official canon batteries
Have positive reviews – should be almost as good as canon

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 Giottos MH621 Quick Release adapter

QR adapterBuy a few, mount them to you tripod, rig, steadicam, etc, then you can quickly swap between them without switching plates!
Solid build quality
1/4″ or 3/8″ mounts
Cheaper than more popular manfrotto plates

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 Kamerar QV-1 Viewfinder

carryspeedQuick release – can still be used with cameras that have a swivel screen.
Build quality isn’t great, feels very plastic
No Lens cap
Adds stability, magnifies screen for focusing, and blocks sunlight from reflecting on screen
Solves the CarrySpeed problem of offsetting the camera! Find out more..

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 Shutter Remote


Great for filming yourself – set focus when you are in-front of the camera.
Can be used on a rig to create a start/stop recording button

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 Step Rings

step ring


Enable one large filter (77mm or 82mm) to be mounted on any lens
Buy one filter, and then adapter it to each smaller lens with the required step ring: eg 72mm – 77mm

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 Cold shoe adapter



Adapts any 1/4″ thread to support a cold shoe accessory
Great with off camera flashes, rode videomics etc

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 Lens Cap 77mm

lens cap


Solid lens cap with centre pinch
Good to have a few spare in case lost or broken

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 Hex Key Multi-Tool

alan key


All filmmakers should have a set of hex keys (aka allen wrenches)
 Multi-Tool includes all the sizes you’ll need, in one package for convenience.

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 Lens Cleaning Blower



Best way to safely remove dust from lens

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 Zeiss Lens Wipes



For more persistent dust or fingerprints

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 4.5″ Clamps



Hundred of uses: hanging up gels, reflectors, fabrics, 
Essential in every lighting kit.

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 Extension Lead



If you have any lights with aren’t battery powered, this is an absolute necessity.

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 Audio Accessories:

Wind shields



“Slip-over” design means they are more effective at blocking wind
For a range of microphones, including Rode VideoMic + VideoMic Pro

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 Rode Micro Boom pole



Great value boom pole, not the longest, but perfect for a first boom
3/8″ thread attachment

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 Rode PG-1 Grip



Handgrip is great for foley, room tone etc
Allows quick mounting for rode videomics to a boom pole

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      XLR Cable



Professional, balanced cable 
Extremely well built, will last a lifetime
More rugged than 3.5mm connectors, less vulnerable to interference.

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Rode VC1 MiniJack Cable

mini cableEnables VideoMics to be used on a boom pole
3m extension
High quality – no problems with sound

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CaseLogic Flight Case

audio caseCan carry a full audio kit: $600 Audio Kit (except from boom-pole)
Great for general travel, but probably not strong enough for a plane
Not waterproof, or shock proof, but still very useful

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 Boom Pole Holder

boombusddyEnables a boom pole to be mounted to light-stand or C-stand
Strong plastic build quality
‘Pan’ and ’tilt’ adjustability

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Acoustic Foam

foamGreat for improving the acoustics of a studio.
Find out more from this post!

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Spare 9V Battery

 9v battIf you have battery powered microphones or audio recorders, having a spare battery is essential.
 The batteries usually last months, but you wouldn’t want to be stuck without a microphone during a shoot.

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