Rode NTG-2


My primary microphone
Better high-end response than the bassy VideoMics
Works brilliantly as a boom mic for an XLR recorder / camera
Battery or phantom powered 

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      (New) Rode VideoMic Pro Rycote

rode videopro r

Updated version of the classic VideoMic Pro – with better shock mount.
Works great as on-camera microphone, or on a boom pole.
Tried and tested, high quality good value.
3.5mm connection, battery powered

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     (Old) Rode VideoMic Pro


The 20dB setting enables you to record audio straight into a DSLR with out ‘hiss’
Works great as on-camera microphone, or on a boom pole.
Tried and tested, high quality good value.
3.5mm connection, battery powered

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     Rode VideoMic Rycote

videomicAudio Quality is almost identical to Rode VideoMic Pro, only difference is the lack of the 20dB feature.
Works great as shotgun microphone, plugged into an audio recorder.
3.5mm connection, battery powered

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    Azden EX503 Lav

lavWired lavaliere mic, great pair with Zoom H1.
Easier to hide in a wide shot than a shot gun mic.
Not as ‘natural’ sounding as a shotgun microphone.
3.5mm connection

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      RodeLink Filmmaker Kit


Wireless kit – great for wide shots or times when a boom mic isn’t an option.
Has the same +20dB setting as the VideoMic Pro – can be used directly into camera’s preamps.
Uses AA Batteries, or USB power. 

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    Audio-Technica Condenser (AT2020)



Inexpensive mic for vocals / voiceovers
XLR connection, requires phantom power
Not exactly a filmmaking essential

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     ZOOM H5

zoom h5My most used audio recorder.
Proper gain dials for each channel – great feature.
Two XLR inputs with phantom power and stereo mini-jack input
Great compromise between size + price of the Zoom H1, and H6

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     ZOOM H1

zoom h1Records .WAV or MP3 files onto a microSD card.
Records up to 24-bit/96kHz
3.5mm Line / mic in, and 3.5mm headphone out.
Also has ‘x-y’ built in stereo microphone, which is great for recording ambience.
LCD for setting levels, and playback

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     TASCAM DR-60D



XLR Inputs, with +48V Phantom Power
4 Channel Recording, up to 24bit / 96kHz
Has option for “safety track” recording an extra track at a lower dB setting!

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    M-Audio Studiophile Av40



Large 4-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter; 20 watts per speaker.
Inexpensive, great value monitor speakers.
3.5mm mini-jack, perfect for computers.

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Audio Accessories:

    Wind shields



“Slip-over” design means they are more effective at blocking wind
For a range of microphones, including Rode VideoMic + VideoMic Pro

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     Rode Micro Boom pole



Great value boom pole, not the longest, but perfect for a first boom
3/8″ thread attachment

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     Rode PG-1 Grip



Handgrip is great for foley, room tone etc
Allows quick mounting for rode videomics to a boom pole

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     XLR Cable



Professional, balanced cable 
Extremely well built, will last a lifetime
More rugged than 3.5mm connectors, less vulnerable to interference.

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    Rode VC1 MiniJack Cable

mini cable


Enables VideoMics to be used on a boom pole
3m extension
High quality – no problems with sound

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    CaseLogic Flight Case

audio caseCan carry a full audio kit: $600 Audio Kit (except from boom-pole)
Great for general travel, but probably not strong enough for a plane
Not waterproof, or shock proof, but still very useful

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     Boom Pole Holder



Enables a boom pole to be mounted to light-stand or C-stand
Strong plastic build quality
‘Pan’ and ’tilt’ adjustability

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    Acoustic Foam



Great for improving the acoustics of a studio.
Find out more from this post!

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    MIDI Keyboard (M-Audio Oxygen 61)



Plenty of keys for full range
Compact enough for desks
Powered by USB

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     Shockmount (for Condenser Mics)



Prevents the microphone from picking up vibrations such as footsteps
Essential for large diaphragm condensers

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     Pop Shield



Filters out wind noises created by speaking into a condenser microphone
Essential for large diaphragm condensers, when recording vocals

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