4 Basic Lighting Techniques

July 5, 2016 By

4lighting techniques


Four things to remember for cinematic lighting (all filmed on a DSLR).

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How to Fake the Super 8 Look

June 27, 2016 By

fake s8

Let’s try a cinematic 8mm look with a digital camera.

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Cinematic Text Effects

June 20, 2016 By

text in film

How to do two very different title styles (plus 3 more at the end).


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a film is…

June 12, 2016 By

a film is blog
Something a bit different this week

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The Art of Color Grading

June 5, 2016 By

color grading

A quick look at the ideas behind color grading.

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How to Shoot on Super 8 Film

May 28, 2016 By

super 8

Ever wanted to shoot on ‘real’ film? Here’s the steps for shooting Super 8.

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How to Make a Dramatic Movie Trailer

May 21, 2016 By

trailer blog

This week I challenged myself to make a dramatic movie trailer, but here’s the catch – I couldn’t film anything, I could only use stock footage.  

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5 Things that Inspire Me Most

May 14, 2016 By

inspiring blog

Here are some things that have inspired me recently.

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Film Noir Cinematography on a Budget

May 7, 2016 By

film noir blog

Using one light and some household objects for a classic film noir look.

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Using Sound in Filmmaking

April 30, 2016 By

post sound blog


The three stages I go through for post production audio.

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How to Shoot Timelapses

April 23, 2016 By

timelapse blog


Some tips for time lapse photography.

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My Video Editing Process

April 16, 2016 By

video editing blog


Some simple tips that work with all video editing software.

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Watching my First Film

April 9, 2016 By

watching blog

Everyone’s first film is pretty awful – especially if you make it age 12…

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How to Shoot a Short Film

April 2, 2016 By

short film blog


What I learned from spending four days filming a short film.

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How to Shoot in Low Light

March 26, 2016 By

lowlight blog
Tips for reducing noise when filming at night.

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Cinematic Lighting on a Budget

March 17, 2016 By

cinematic blog


How to make the most of natural light.

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Productivity Life Hack

March 9, 2016 By

productivity blog


Something I’ve been trying this week to help avoid procrastination

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Cinematic Camera Angles & Movement

March 2, 2016 By

camera movement blog

How can we use composition and lighting creatively?

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Recording Sound for Filmmaking

February 23, 2016 By

sound blog


How to get better production audio on set.

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Tips for Beginner Directors

February 17, 2016 By

beginner directors


What are some important qualities that make a good movie director?

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How to Budget for a Short Film

February 10, 2016 By

budgeting blog


How can we get funding for a short film? 

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Preparing for a Short Film Shoot

February 2, 2016 By

prepare short film blog


Finding crew, storyboarding, and rehearsing – pre production part 2

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How to Start a Short Film Project

January 26, 2016 By

start film proj blog


Script, casting, locations – welcome to preproduction.

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How to Get Work Done

January 11, 2016 By

work done blog


What does it take to beat procrastination?

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Cinematic Film Look on a Budget

January 4, 2016 By

cinematic blog

How to shoot video with a cheap camera, and not much equipment.

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3 Years on YouTube, What’s Next?

December 29, 2015 By

3yrs blog


What’s coming up in 2016, and a look back at 2015.

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Creating Powerful Images in Film

December 21, 2015 By

mood blog

The ‘tone’ of a film comes from something you can’t quite put into words. The sound, cinematography, production design, props, location.

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How to Get More Views on YouTube

December 15, 2015 By

youtube blog

How to increase your views and subscribers.

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The Elements of a Great Film

December 7, 2015 By

good film blog

This week we’re breaking down the elements of a great film.

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The Toughest Part of Filmmaking

November 30, 2015 By

toughest part blog


What is the hardest part of being a filmmaker?


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Cinematic Film Look on a DSLR

November 23, 2015 By

cinematic blog


How can we make our films look more expensive & professional?

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My Biggest Film Project Yet

November 16, 2015 By



Why filmmakers should be ambitious with their films!

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Art of Visual Storytelling Review

November 6, 2015 By



My thoughts on the ‘Art of Visual Storytelling’ with Alex Buono.

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Can I Call Myself a Filmmaker Yet?

November 1, 2015 By

cal filmmaker blog
Can someone who shoots digital for the web call themselves a filmmaker?

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How to Make Money as a Filmmaker

October 25, 2015 By

moeny blog

For a lot of people, ‘living the dream’ would mean making their own films for a living.

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Color Grading in Filmmaking

October 18, 2015 By

color grading blog


There’s more to cinematic than teal and orange blockbuster grading.


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The Power of Imperfection

October 11, 2015 By

Is being a perfectionist good for creativity?

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How I Make Music for Films & Videos

October 4, 2015 By

music blog

This week I’m sharing my process for writing music, along with some ideas about the way music affects the emotion of a scene.

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How Much Does Success in Filmmaking Cost?

September 27, 2015 By

cost of success blog

What does it really take to make it as a filmmaker? This week we’re looking at the work / life balance.

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How to Make an Episode of DSLRguide

September 20, 2015 By


This week we’re going behind the scenes to look at the making of a weekly YouTube show.

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2 Cinematic Lighting Breakdowns in One Location

September 13, 2015 By

lighting breakdown blog
How much can we change a shot with lighting?

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How to Fix the Sound In Your Films

September 7, 2015 By

fix audioblog
This week we’re looking at what can be done to improve the sound in our films after the shoot.

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Filmmaking Tips for Better Audio

August 30, 2015 By

better audio blog

This week we’re looking at sound before and during the shoot. Pre-Production & Production Audio.

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5 Filmmaking Mistakes to Avoid

August 22, 2015 By

mistakes blog

Here are five mistakes I’ve been making recently, maybe you can learn from them.

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Tips for Editing Films

August 16, 2015 By

editing blog
This week we’ve got some ideas about editing – truly a stage of filmmaking that can make or break your film.


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The Future of Filmmaking

August 1, 2015 By



What can filmmakers expect in the next 10 years?

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Why I Won’t Buy A New Camera

July 25, 2015 By

won't upgrade blog
Let me explain why I am not interested in any of the latest cameras.

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7 Things I Learned about Audio (Sound Advice Tour)

July 18, 2015 By

soundadvice blog
Here are seven things I learned from the Sound Advice Tour – recording and mixing audio.

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50 Tips for Filmmakers

July 12, 2015 By

50 tips blog

To celebrate reaching (almost) 50,000 subscribers, here are 50 tips for filmmakers.

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The Most Important Part of Filmmaking

July 4, 2015 By


Equipment, Skill, Creativity? If there was one thing that mattered more than anything else in filmmaking, what would it be?

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