November 1, 2015

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Can someone who shoots digital for the web call themselves a filmmaker?



As I’m writing this, I’m heading back from Manchester where I was shooting my latest short film. I certainly now feel like a filmmaker, after spending an intense week storyboarding, making calls and directing actors, composing frames, leading a crew. It’s been exhausting, but has 100% reminded and re-inspired me that directing narrative films is what I’m really interested in.

There’ll be plenty of behind the scenes once the film has been released, but that’ll be in a few months once editing, sound and music are finished. Still lots of work to do.


So the basic idea here is that if we use the word literally, then a film is something shown at the cinema (we can debate whether digital is still film, but I think most people wouldn’t call Deakins a videographer). But to me as times change, language needs to change too, in order to fulfil it’s main purpose – communication. Either that or we make a new word for someone who makes narrative digital motion pictures for the internet.

Or maybe we shouldn’t care about it at all, and call ourselves ‘storytellers’ or ‘creatives’, titles that have no terms based on equipment or popularity.



That’s a wrap! Happy days (back posting daily on insta again)

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