April 12, 2014

Starting out with a filmmaking kit, there are so many things which we are told to buy! It’s difficult to know how much you should spend on audio equipment, camera support, and lenses. So I’ve put together a list of the first things I would buy, if I had $2000 (or £1200) to spend.

Check out the video for the full details:




 cameraCanon T3i Body cameraCanon T5i (700D) Body
 lensTamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC lensTamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC 
sdcardSandisk 16GB Class 10 SD Card sdcardSandisk 16GB Class 10 SD Card
videomicRode VideoMic videomicVideoMic
Zoom H1zoom zoomZoom H1
boompoleBoom Pole boompoleBoom Pole
cableVC-1 Cable cableVC-1 Cable
gripPG-1 Grip gripPG-1 Grip
tripodLibec TH-650DV Tripod tripodLibec TH-650DV Tripod
bagCaselogic Backpack bagCaselogic Backpack
battery Lanparte Portable Battery batteryLanparte Portable Battery
filter ND Filter filterND Filter




vfKamerar QV-1 Viewfinder Kamerar QV-1 Vievfwfinder
 reflector5in1 Reflector reflector5in1 Reflector   
lightsFluorescent Light lightsFluorescent Light
monopodManfrotto 560-B Monopod monopodManfrotto 560-B Monopod




Simon Cade

Filmmaker, and host of DSLRguide. Since I was making my first film age 11, I have always been fascinated by the way films are produced, and the effect it can have on the audience.

  • Bro!

    You have convinced me, after watching all the ‘Kit” videos (awesome by the way ) I’m staying away from the GH4 and going for another Canon T”_”i.

    Question I have ; I notice the $5,000 kit video is only 4 months old, why not a T5i ? I’ve noticed that the T4i is discontinued , do you know why ? and why the T3i ? I did a comparison looks like it’s worth the extra $150

    I’m going to spend the extra on some lighting and than a konova slider or a jib. I have audio from before.

    Any suggestions or comments would be helpful.

    This is my budget $2,000 ( I already have a T2i, H1, Rode NTG2, ZOOM , VideoMic GO and Glass) Thinking about that Lanpart and 17-50 glass you have.

    • That’s great to hear -I still haven’t outgrown my T3i, I could still make a better image with it!

      The truth is that Canon have barely changed their T”_”i line, just adding very small improvements. Slightly better autofocus, though not good enough for video, a touch screen etc. I recently purchased another T3i because it’s discontinued it is a lot cheaper. Canon are notorious for rolling out a camera with a new name, but an identical sensor and a few new small features.

      My advice it to stick with the T3i, since it has the flip out screen, which is pretty useful. But even if you got a T5i, T4i whatever, it would have a pretty much identical image to your T2i.

      My advice would be to go for lighting. Get some high power LEDs, or fluorescents with lots of bulbs. C-Stands and reflectors and other grip gear has become an essential part of my kit too – blocking light is just as important as generating it. I’d recommend having a look at my gear page http://dslrguide.tv/mygear as well as going over the kit videos – they are all carefully chosen equipment.

      PS: if you’d like to support the show, then using any of the links on my blog or gear page earns me a small commission from amazon without costing you any extra. Just saying!

      • I agree, the T5i is on sale and for an extra $100 I’ll go with it. I’m purchasing the LED panel , since the lighting package (3 piece lighting) is not ideal for weddings or live events.

        I’ll probably purchase many things off your gear list. One question I do have is
        “What’s the difference between the Tamron and Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 ? I couldnt find anything online.

        • if it’s on sale then fair enough:)

          I have to say that I’ve only used the Tamron, but from when I researched it when I was making the decision, I think I found the tamron to be slightly better. As far as third party lenses go, tamron have a slightly better track record than sigma (excluding the sigma 18-35mm). Doesn’t matter too much, just pick one!

  • Jimmy Lu

    Does anyone know if the Lanparte Portable Battery will work with the canon 70d?

    • Jonathan Gandy

      Find one that works for your battery type.