July 2, 2014

5k subs competition You might be aware of the fact that we’re very close to reaching 5000 subscribers, so I wanted to do something to celebrate this milestone! I’m going to upload a 5000 subs special, I’d like to give you the opportunity show off some of your best work.


Check out the video here: http://youtu.be/4UouMEdfqUc

So here’s the plan.

I’m inviting you to submit any video that you have made, and from those submissions, I’ll pick the five best ones, and will showcase them in the 5000 subs video. It can be fiction or non-fiction, but it must be less than 5 minutes long, and uploaded to YouTube. I’ll play a short clip of the video, but the main point here is to try and send as much traffic to the winning channels as possible, so I’ll include links to the full video on your channel. I’m going to be honest with you here and say that I can’t guarantee that the winners will get a certain number of views, but the odds of winning should be pretty good! The nice thing is that you can enter a video you made months ago, it’s just an easy opportunity for you to get some traffic to your channel!


– Choose an original video that you have made. It can be new or old, but it must be uploaded to YouTube, and less than five minutes in length.

– In the description of that video, copy and paste this text: “DSLRguide 5000 Subscriber Competition”

– Email “dslrguide5000@gmail.com” with a YouTube link to the video you want to submit.

– I will choose the 5 best videos to be featured in the 5000 subscriber episode, and will share the links to the winning videos.

– You must submit the videos by 9pm  GMT (London Time) on the  16th of July 2014

– For regular updates about the competition, follow @DSLRguidance on twitter!

Good luck!


Simon Cade

Filmmaker, and host of DSLRguide. Since I was making my first film age 11, I have always been fascinated by the way films are produced, and the effect it can have on the audience.

  • This is one of my new go to channels alongside Griffin Hammond and Devin Graham.