4x85W Fluorescent Head

flo lightVery inexpensive setup, which has a decent light output
Fluorescent bulbs give off soft light
Can be used at half power via two switches
Bulbs have a green tint
Long cord to mains power
Exact model is not available in the US

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    Photosel 85W Fluorescent Bulb 90+ CRI

bulb85W Daylight Balanced bulb
No tint – very high CRI
About four times brighter than original bulbs that come with the fluorescent head
Pricey, but completely worth it.
Very large, and delicate.
Exact model is not available in the US

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     Aputure HR-672S


Totally portable, battery powered light
Remote controlled dimmer and on/off switch
Charges batteries while plugged into the wall, and turned on
Spot light, focused beam.

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     Aputure AL-528S


Very similar to the HR-672S, but without remote and with a stronger magenta tint.
Totally portable, battery powered light
Percentage dimmer
Charges batteries while plugged into the wall, and turned on.
Spot light, hard shadows.

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     Power Centre Battery for Sony NP-F970

batteryThird party, affordable battery
Can be used on many LED lights, monitors, etc.

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    Kupo 30″ C Stand w/Turtle Base

c-standSolid C Stand, easy setup.
Also available in different heights, would recommend the 40″ C stand.

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      Kupo 2-1/2″ Grip Head

cstand headWorks great with C stands + Grip arms
Allows a light fixture or baby pin to attach to a C stand
Solid build quality

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     Kupo 40″ Extension Grip Arm



Works great with C stands + grip head
Allows light fixtures to be boomed across, or mounted higher up.

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     Westcott 24″ x 36″ Fast Flags

westcott fast flags
When combined with C-Stands, these are hugely useful to block and diffuse light.
Collapsable and portable, with quick setup

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      Kupo ConviClamp

convi clampExtremely strong, can hold 20KG
So many uses!
Attach cameras or lights to almost anything.

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    Photography Light Stand

light standLight weight, inexpensive light stand
Standard baby pin with 1/4″ thread
Can hold fairly heavy fixtures, although will sway with the weight
Comes with carry case

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    Reflector Clip with Spigot

ckipCan be used with C stand, or light stand and swivel adapter, to position a reflector anywhere.
Also works with bounce cards and flags.

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      Manfrotto Lite Tite Swivel Adapter

swivelAdds tilt and swivel functionality to LED lights or other lights that don’t have tilt
Also is essential for mounting reflectors, flags, or bounce cards to light-stands.
Really solid build quality

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     Lastolite Umbrella Sandbag 1592

sandbagSimple, very useful for C Stands
Essential for every grip kit

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      Control Gel Kit

gelsIncludes Full, Half and Quarter CTO + CTB for matching colour temperature of lights
Includes 0.3 + 0.6 ND gels, and two frost gels
Measure 15″ by 12″
US equivalent is different (20″ by 24″ etc)

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     LEE (Black Wrap) roll

black wrap0.6m x 7.6m
Very thick foil, used to shape or cut light

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      Gaffer Tape

gafferComes in many colours
Thousands of uses!

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     Diffusion Paper

diffusionSoftens light
Comes in varying degrees of diffusion and size

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     43″, 32″ and  23″ 5in1 Reflectors

reflectorFor bouncing, cutting, warming or diffusing light.
Vary sizes are useful, I’d recommend having at least two of these in your kit.

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