June 13, 2015



Learn from what I’ve learned over the past few months.


I wish other filmmakers would do this – break down their successes, failures and thoughts across their entire career. We all have different approaches so here’s what’s been going on for me in the last few months.


First Film – My Story (Part 1)




progress part2

Cinematography – My Story (Part 2)




filmmaking progress part 3 storytelling

Storytelling? – My Story (Part 3)





Last week I tried jump cuts for an episode since I only had one day to make the video. In one week I’ve went from being strongly against using jump cuts, to completely up for it.  Here’s why:

– I only have to remember one thing at a time. Before, I was concentrating so much on what I was going to say next, that I ended up sounding pretty monotone.

– It’s more ‘engaging’. I’m very reluctant to do things simply because they make more of an impact, but in this case I think almost anything is better than sitting stationary at a desk for the entire video. A bit of movement around the frame is welcome.

– It’s way quicker to film. Again I’m reluctant to have this as a valid reason for a creative choice, but the truth is I’d rather spend more time writing episodes and less time filming the talky bit.

I’ve been using this keylight setup loads recently – an LED shooting through a silk from the westcott fast flags on a C-stand. Super easy to setup and yields a large soft source.  Biggest development here is realising that I’ve been placing my keylights too low recently – for this setup I find it’s better almost touching the ceiling and angled down.

Nothing too special about the camera setup here – 24mm lens for anyone interested. Got some more of the acoustic foam that makes up my background behind the camera / desk for maximum sound absorption.  Camera is slightly above head height.
The one things that’s not pictured here is my audio setup – it’s remarkably similar to everything else I shoot. The Rode NTG on a boom pole on a lightstand, going into a Zoom H5. Getting better sound than the last setup I think, since I’m no longer up against a bare reflective wall. Plus the table used to bounce sound back too.


Emotions Of Pixar from Lindsay McCutcheon on Vimeo.


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Simon Cade

Filmmaker, and host of DSLRguide. Since I was making my first film age 11, I have always been fascinated by the way films are produced, and the effect it can have on the audience.

  • sphinxcat

    You should totally start doing “recommened” videos at the end of each of your episodes.

    • aAmosche The IV

      Pretty sure this guy, “The Drunken Woodworker” now “Make Something”, https://youtu.be/8uK4PiCQpZY used to have a drink, and recommend stuff that was happening in Videos. I can’t find any of the episodes of his previous work. (Probably because he re-branded himself, and wants to stay with the “new” image. I’m a tad disappointed that he doesn’t keep ’em up for the archive value, but C’est la vie…) I’ll search some more, but point is, watch Simon’s work, right? Simon always points us to watch Our favorite videos. We all have them for whatever reason. If we all watched what Simon watched, there’d be 200 000 clones of Simon. As great a guy as *he* is; this world needs _your_ personality too!


    • @sphinxcat:disqus I did see *this* video… https://youtu.be/euN3tIH2szk

  • Jamie M

    Hey Simon, really liking your videos! I like your new setup too! It makes you seem a lot closer to your audience and more personal. I wanted to ask you, what do you use to host and manage your CadeVisuals website? It looks really neat and I’m thinking about starting my own, do you have any recommendations?

    • thanks Jamie – I’m glad to like the setup :) I use ‘JustHost’ for the webhosting, but then built it with wordpress. My recommendation for you is to watch this video, it taught me almost everything I know about web design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Jv47_VIBOQ

      • Jamie M

        That video is really good! I’m only 15, so when I hit 16 and get a job, I might consider taking your route! I have already started volunteering video jobs for a couple of people in my church and have now been offered a small paid job too!