August 23, 2014

sound design scene
The first episode of my latest series titled “Filmmaking Scene” where we learn how to do one of the many disciplines of filmmaking by recreating a scene from a film. This week we’re looking at sound design, breaking down how to do a scene from ‘Shaun of the Dead’. 


If you skip to 0:18 then you’ll find the scene that I was recreating, from one of my all-time favourite movies – Shaun of the Dead (Directed by Edgar Wright, Starring Simon Pegg + Nick Frost). I chose this scene because I think the sound design really was the ‘backbone’ to this short clip.

Check out the episode to find out how I managed the recreate the scene, using inexpensive gear:




Rode VideoMic Prorode rodeRode VideoMic Pro
Zoom H1zoom zoomZoom H1
boompoleBoom Pole boompoleBoom Pole
cableVC-1 Cable cableVC-1 Cable
gripPG-1 Grip gripPG-1 Grip
lightstandLight Stand  Light Standlightstand
boombuddy Boom-Pole Holder Boom-Pole Holderboombuddy
sandbagSandbags sandbag Sandbags

For the first version, I just recorded the ‘literal’ sounds.
So if the shot was closing a wooden drawer,
I would record closing a wooden drawer!

For the next version, I was more creative with choosing
the sounds. I found another drawer, which had a deeper
sound, and layered that in. For the toast shot,
I recorded the sound of squeezing some ham
that was wrapped in tin foil,and layered that with
the sound of lettuce being squeezed.
Often the best sounds come from strange places!

I also added some ‘noise-sweeps’ which sound like
gusts of wind,and were perfect to add energy to
the drawer, and accent the zooms.

The final version is a mix of all of the different sounds!


This is the tutorial I used to create the noise sweeps in Logic Pro X



Simon Cade

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