How to Budget for a Short Film

February 10, 2016 By

budgeting blog


How can we get funding for a short film?  Read more →

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How to Make Money as a Filmmaker

October 25, 2015 By

moeny blog

For a lot of people, ‘living the dream’ would mean making their own films for a living.

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How Much Does Success in Filmmaking Cost?

September 27, 2015 By

cost of success blog

What does it really take to make it as a filmmaker? This week we’re looking at the work / life balance.

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The Future of Filmmaking

August 1, 2015 By



What can filmmakers expect in the next 10 years? Read more →

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How To Make a Showreel

April 18, 2015 By

demo reel blog

This week we’re learning how to make the best impression with a show reel or demo reel for your clients, and other people you might be working with.

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Why Filmmakers Should Use Social Media

December 13, 2014 By

wfs use social medai
Social media is becoming more and more important to all kinds of business – even filmmaking. This week I’m sharing the benefits of sites like Facebook and Twitter, along with some tips at the end. Read more →

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10 Tips for Freelance Filmmakers

November 22, 2014 By

10tips for freelancers
Freelance filmmaking is a great way to gain experience and make contacts while making money! This week i’m sharing ten tips that have helped me when making videos for clients.
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Dealing with Clients in Filmmaking

October 25, 2014 By

dealing with clients
How can we avoid misunderstandings, and help to keep our clients happy? This week I’m sharing some principles that have helped me when working with clients. Read more →

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