Camera Movement – Storytelling with Cinematography

June 20, 2015 By

camera movement blog

This week we’re looking at creative ways to use a slider, jib and tripod.  Read more →

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Lenses – Storytelling with Cinematography

May 16, 2015 By

lenses blog

How can we use lenses creatively? This week we’re looking at depth of field, focal length, field of view and aesthetics.

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Lighting – Storytelling with Cinematography

May 3, 2015 By

lighting cinematiographyblog

This week we’re going through lots of lighting setups, focusing on the way that we can use lighting to tell a story.

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Storytelling with Cinematography – Framing + Composition

February 7, 2015 By

cinematography storytelling
This week we’re looking at the deeper meaning behind cinematography choices, starting with framing and composition. Read more →

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